Inspiring Interviews with Purposeful People: Tristan Williamson, US Navy, The Mission Continues

Guest Blogger: Stacey Ebert
The Inspiring Interviews Blog Series will periodically highlight Veterans and Military Community Members around the country who are finding their purpose in connecting with their communities. These are people who want to help others in the Veteran space to get out and do more, formally and informally, and take control of their reintegration. We wanted to find out, in their own words, what worked for them during their military to civilian transition and how others can learn from their experience.

Tristan Williamson lives in San Diego and is a City Impact Manager with The MissionContinues. A veteran of the Navy, Tristan continues his mission to incorporate service to community in and around the region. We met three years ago at a service project in San Diego - in all of my involvement since, it seems that The Mission Continues provides both the hammer and the hug that so many of us need to feel as if we belong to something bigger than ourselves. Here Tristan sh…

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