An Interview with AG2 Lucille Posner: The Last Aerographer's Mate

Interview by Adrian Calvache, Pathfinder Labs' Developer and Friend of Lucille Posner

Lucille Posner is a living legend: A veteran of the U.S. Navy Reserve during WW2, she is the last living Aerographer’s Mate from the W.A.V.E.S. Program.
In this blog, Lucille shares her story of military involvement, transition, growth and purposeful community building.
What was your experience in the military?
“I was just a girl who lived in Kansas, and during WWII I chose to serve in the U.S. Naval Reserves.” Lucille selected the rate of Aerographer’s Mate after doing some research into the job fields provided to women in the W.A.V.E.S. program, which relieved sailors from a variety of shore duty positions so they could go out to sea.
She attended boot camp in the old Hunter College Campus (which is now Bronx Community College, both part of the City University of New York) in August of 1943. She is still quick to note the things we take for granted now were a luxury in her time in boot camp, like ai…

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