What Individual Donors Are Looking For When They Donate

by Brian Chew

The big question that all nonprofits and social benefit programs ask themselves is, “How do I attract and retain more donors?” The next question they are asking should be “What type of donors should I invest in attracting and retaining?”
When it comes to donations, one specific group of donors can add a lot of support to nonprofits and charities: social donors. These are donors that usually donate during or for a social interaction. In general, there are three types of social donors: event donors, sponsor donors, and occasion/challenge donors. For more information on what these donors look for, check out the previous Pathfinder blog, “Voice of the Customer: Why more non-profits are asking for your feedback.”When it comes to looking for new social donors to become regular supporters, organizations should consider taking several actions:
Website management. As presented in the Social Donor Study by OneCause, one of the key factors in attracting a donor is ease of making a don…

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