I Could Have Punched Him But I Didn’t (and other benefits of having good mental health)

This article was originally posted on Havok Journal

When a friend suggested I seek mental health treatment for my post-military anger I begrudged the concept, the therapists, and even the friend who made the recommendation. Like many people, I thought of therapy only for when something is really “abnormal” or “wrong”, or at least feeling “bad enough” to need professional help. I didn’t see self-isolation, lack of sleep, or general frustration with humanity as problems. They were pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, I thought. Therapy hinted at labels, drugs and talking about feelings a little too often for what I saw as an uncertain return. I went anyway–to prove my point of not needing it, of course. Roughly four years later, I’m still going to weekly cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – a logic-focused treatment that involves remarkably little feelings chatter. It turns out therapy isn’t only for extreme situations, nor will it turn you into a drugged-out husk, and it may cre…

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